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About us

Who we are

Hailing from the sandy shores of the Maldives, Joyful Holidays is dedicated to bringing you unforgettable travel experiences in the most exotic destinations of South Asia. With key destinations in the Maldives, Bali, Thailand, Malay, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, we offer customized holiday experiences for each traveler’s unique requirements.

Our history

Owing to decades of experience in hospitality, we realized the importance of quick decision making, fluid adaptation and fast response to the ever changing needs of the vacationer. Joyful Holidays was formed to help guests achieve unforgettable holiday experiences minus the hassle of complicated bookings and travel arrangements.
We owe our success to

Our philosophy

To provide fully tailored travel experiences for each traveler’s unique requirements through strong communications and solid affiliations.
To become the most reliable partner in luxury travel providing the most memorable experiences at exotic destinations of the world. Our knowledgeable and committed staff members are ready to help.

Our founder’s message

“The appreciation from guests for creating a complete travel experience from the time of booking to their return trip home is wonderfully satisfying. Our focus on high value clients from Europe and the Americas, require us to be extremely attentive to the tiniest of details. We assure this level of customization by fostering strong relationships with our destinations and special connections with our clientele.”

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