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Family Holidays


Family Holidays

Package Includes

  • 40% Booking Discount on All Villa bookings.

Validity Period

  • Booking window: From 15 May 2022 – 30 September 2022
  • Travel window: From 28 May 2022 – 30 October 2022
  • Discount applicable on All Villa Types.
  • Discount applicable only on Villa Rates.
  • No minimum night requirements for stay period.

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Questions? You’re covered.

By seaplane, it takes just 35 minutes from the Malé International Airport to Constance Moofushi.

The sister resort, Constance Halaveli is located in the North Ari atoll and reachable approximately 30 mins by speedboat from Constance Moofushi.

The resort offers an all inclusive meal plan for all guests.

Apart from the standard meal plan offered at your destination, we have a policy of making special arrangements for special requirements. We understand that you may need to customize your meals to really enjoy your holiday.

Hit 'View Resort' and navigate to the Resort Page. Then use the 'Book Your Holiday' button or a 'Book Now' button on your desired villa type on the Resort PageOr hit the 'Book Your Holiday' below and select the Constance Moofushi Resort and the villa type you want.

You can also select your meal plan on the booking form and let us know when your holiday is. We will be happy to handle the rest.

You can also reach us via email, whatsapp, phone or any of our social media handles.

Book your room with us today.

Just hit the button below and give us your contact details along with when you are planning to travel. Don't worry about the details, we will contact you for it.