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Travel By Water – An Immersive Experience

Gliding Through the Island Archipelago

Maldives is not a destination for road trips but you can take numerous trips on water. Maldives is an island destination with thousands of tiny islands naturally created on coral reefs.

You can travel by sea from north to south and east to west on dhonis (traditionally built boats), speedboats, island and atoll ferries, safari boats and yachts. Similar to road trips on land, you can stop but you will have to anchor before you explore. There is no shortage of adventure as you travel through the Maldivian waters including the discoveries underwater while you anchor in one of the beautiful lagoons and reefs around each island in the Maldives.

 The beautiful uninhabited islands with tropical vegetation and exotic flora. The soft sandy white private beaches. The inhabited islands with interesting island communities, culture and their way of life. You can decide to stop at thrilling surfing spots. The spots where you are left speechless with the sight of beautiful social pods of dolphins. The majestic sunrises over the horizon as you navigate between the islands. The stunning sunset skies as you sail across open waters. The stillness of nature as you dance away on the decks at the golden hour. Anchoring off at tiny sandbanks will make you wish you had the latest technology in hand to capture all those shades of blues of the Maldives. Those areas famous for big game fishing are of the many spots you can anchor and enjoy the spirit of the Maldivian adventure.

The starry night experiences will take your breath away as you gaze across skies clear of light pollution. As you observe the changes and colours of the natural beauty around you, you will get inspired to take your canvas and palette out. As you listen to the rhythm of lapping waves, you get to experience the most romantic moments of your life. These are just some of the finest experiences you can enjoy while traveling by water in the Maldives.

Travelling by water in the Maldives lets you enjoy the present moment. It is a one-of-a-kind experience. Maldives is an inspiring destination for creative artists.It is a way to let go of the control on life and let yourself flow with the currents.

Travelling by sea through the atolls will make you experience the Maldives in depth. Opting for such trips will leave you with more insightful knowledge of this island destination. Before embarking on sea travel, you should get expert advice on the best periods for sea safaris and cruises in the Maldives. As it is a tropical destination, you will have to keep in mind the monsoons of the Maldives. The period between June – August which is the south-west monsoon (Hulhan’gu) may not be everyone’s cup of tea as Maldives experiences monsoon rains, rough seas and strong winds.

To travel by water in the Maldives, you will either have to search for safari boat / cruise ship arrangements, hire dhonis or speed boats, get permits for yacht sailing or take the local ferries. Either way it will be an immersive experience.

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